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Bob Allen - Managing General Partner

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Having started flying at 16, Allen found early success flying for the airlines in his early twenties.  Entrepreneurial by nature, he eventually evolved into managerial positions with growing airlines and was directly involved with certification, recertification and development of several FAA Part 121 air carriers. 


Allen eventually used his knowledge and vast network to start a very successful aviation business that caters to the aircraft lease and finance industry.  Started over 20 years ago as Avia Crew Leasing: through growth and merger, eventually became Jet Test International, one of the world’s foremost “asset transport” companies.


In addition to his aviation business interests, Allen is a prolific startup level investor with board and advisory level involvement in a variety of industries.  He has most recently leveraged his expertise as a cofounder and volunteer for Humanitarian Lift Project, a non-profit that provides airlift into natural disaster areas.

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Marcum King - Managing General Partner


King has been in business for himself throughout his professional career, with a passion for entrepreneurial endeavors and a focus on Finance, Investments and Business Development. King’s enthusiasm for Aviation and Aerospace began as a young boy. King started flying at the age of 15 and had his PPL by the age of 16. Later after his college education he attended Flight Safety International in Vero Beach, FL. His professional career has spanned across a broad spectrum that encompasses over 110 commercial real estate development and redevelopment projects with a company called Kinglander, the launch of his own chain of branded fitness clubs called Energy Sports & Fitness in KY and NC and Venture Capital. King serves as the Managing General Partner of Global Aviation Ventures and has been in private equity funding for over 18 years with the launch of Global Equity Ventures and Global Medical Holdings. These firms now act as funding and growth equity investment syndicates for early-stage ventures, comprised of active, accredited investors. Over the course of his career, King has raised in excess of $80MM in venture asset class funding for all life-cycle staged companies across a variety of market sectors including Aviation & Aerospace, BioTech, Life Science, MedTech and Med Devices, Nutraceuticals, CPG, SAAS, AgTech, Real Estate Tax Credit Companies. His capital raising efforts have focused on a diverse investor base including individuals, institutions and family offices. King graduated from the University of Kentucky with high honors with a Bachelor of Business with a concentration in global political finance.

Ed Fanning - Senior Technical Partner

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Fanning’s vast technical experience is comprised of over 40 years of experience in fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft maintenance, in a wide variety of roles ranging from Senior Mechanic, to Vice President of Technical. Fanning started his career at the age of 17, as a Crew Chief in the United States Army, based in Germany. After finishing his Army career, Fanning entered the world of commercial aircraft maintenance and held positions at several major air carriers. In 2004, Fanning joined International Lease Finance Corporation (acquired by AerCap) as the Vice President of Technical. His range of duties included: negotiating delivery and return conditions, End-of-Life Agreements, overseeing aircraft repossessions, record auditing, reserve claims, aircraft delivery and returns, and managing budgets for aircraft maintenance. Mr. Fanning maintains great working relationships with his vast network of airline customers, MROs, and leasing executives and is widely regarded in the commercial aircraft leasing industry as one of the most experienced and respected leaders.

Taylor Brown - Senior Analyst Partner

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Brown’s background consists of over a decade of airline and corporate flight operations, and flight operations management experience. With over 5,000 flight hours, and pilot in command ratings on 9 jet aircraft, Brown brings a unique and thorough approach to problem solving, analysis, and research and development in the aviation and aerospace industries. He has served in numerous roles at various companies and startups including small business development, project management, sales and marketing, and research and development. Brown graduated from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University with honors, with a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Aeronautics and Aviation Safety. Brown currently serves as Captain on Airbus A320 series aircraft at a major US Air Carrier, and as a Flight Operations Manager at a company specializing in worldwide transport-category aircraft operations.

Lt. Col (Ret.) Cheree S. Kochen - Senior Defense Officer

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Kochen is a current, qualified pilot with 23 years of aviation experience. Kochen recently retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Air Force, with a superb leadership record in multiple Air Force Special Operations Aircraft that include the AC-130U, C-130 E/H, CASA 235, AN-26 and C-208. She held the roles of Mission Commander, and Instructor Pilot and has completed 8 deployments in support of both Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom. Kochen has staff experience at the operational, strategic, joint, and coalition levels. She is an Experienced Combat Aviation Advisor supporting Foreign Internal Defense and Security Cooperation Activities in countries around the world. Kochen holds a Bachelor of Science in Russian Slavic Area Studies with a Russian Language Minor, as well as a Masters of Science in International Relations. Kochen was awarded numerous decorations and commendations for her service, and holds a Top-Secret security clearance.

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Lt. Col (Ret.) Chris Heber - Senior Engineering Officer


Heber retired from the United States Air Force as a Lieutenant Colonel in 2018 after 20 years of service. In the USAF, Heber served as an Operational Test Instructor Pilot on the F-16, as well as a Developmental Test, Operational Instructor Pilot, and Operational Fighter Pilot all on the F-16. He also served as an Inspector General and Chief of Training in Korea. Heber holds a Bachelor of Science in History from the University of Texas Arlington, a Master of Science in International Relations from Troy University, and a Master of Arts in Political Science from Yonsei University in Seoul Korea. Heber was an Air Force Olmsted Scholar, holds a Top-Secret security clearance, and is fluent in Korean.

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